Show Info. 101:
Listed below are two organizations that offer cat shows of which Ragdolls Totally Terrific is a member:

The International Cat Association or TICA

Cat Fanciers’ Association

Breeders who are serious about improving and maintaining the Ragdoll Breed Standard show their cats, so attending cat shows is an especially good way to meet reputable Ragdoll Breeders.

If you would like to meet, ask questions, and get a feel for what is going on with Ragdolls Totally Terrific you could come to a show.  Contact us for a list of up coming shows.

At my very first CFA show in Oklahoma at their regional I won first place for the best 60’s theme show table.  That was fun!

Ragdoll Shows

If you’re going to show your Ragdoll, it will require a bath a day or two before the show to look its best in the ring. The information and pictures below are from 2012.  In 2019, I upgraded my grooming equipment to a professional flying pig washing station with professional cool quiet design and variable speed dryer.

It was so funny when at a show, I overheard a Bengal breeder who happened to see on my website the cat bath advice explain to another breeder that her Bengals would, “Tear her up if she tried to hold them during a bath.” Funny…but I did not admit knowing the lady who would. At Ragdolls Totally Terrific we minimize bath time upset by minimizing stress as shown below. FYI there is a big difference in the temperaments of a Bengal and a Ragdoll.

I later discovered that these two “rescue Ragdolls” that started my “Cat Show” experience, were veteran show cats.   That’s why they were super easy to bathe.

A reputable breeder will be able to give new Ragdoll owners instruction on proper shampoos and conditioners to keep your Ragdolls coat beautifully groomed and prevent baths from robbing the coat of natural oils or drying the skin. Once a month bathing drastically reduces the amount of shedding, so purchasing from a breeder whose kittens are familiar with “bath time” is a big benefit for any Ragdoll Owner, even those who have absolutely no interest in showing.  Better yet, find a groomer.  The first two listed below, I would pay for a show groom:
Oklahoma City, OK
Dallas, TX

The facility below would be fine for a pet bath but does not provide show coat grooming.
Burleson, TX

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