So you have decided to purchase a healthy, well adjusted beautiful Ragdoll kitten or mature Ragdoll cat.  To make payments this requires:

  • That you and I have spoken on the telephone and I have a healthy kitten, born and waiting for you to pick up at 12 weeks.
  • a $300 deposit which in the event of purchase delay due to buyers wishes is non refundable.  If the delay is due to Ragdolls Totally Terrific delay the deposit will be refunded.
  • a text which names the agreed location of pick up or delivery
  • the understanding that NO Ragdolls bred at the RTT cattery are ever to be declawed. A NO DECLAWING contract MUST be signed.  Declawing a cat would be equivalent to a human surgically removing their first knuckle, because trimming their fingernails was too much trouble.  Really?
  • any fees or air fares for delivery is the total responsibility and expense of the buyer (At this time, I do not ship kittens or cats so you would need to arrange hand pick up at DFW or Love Field airport if flying in from out of state).
  • when buyers pick up the feline(s) at the show hall there are no additional fees for delivery
  • sales tax when applicable is charged

Please click the button below to make a payment.  You may use any credit card.  A PayPal account is not necessary.  If you need directions or help completing the payment, text me at 817-781-2059 and I will text you step by step instructions.