For me, the psychology is I need to have only one litter of kittens at a time.  I need to take about one month off with no kittens which allows about 7 weeks minimum before the big job of caring for kitten starts.

I enjoy socializing the kittens.  I have found if I have two litters close together one litter is not socialized to my standards, because there is so much care required.

psychologyWhen the kittens start eating wet food they start learning to use the potty box.  They learn to avoid stepping onto their own feces, but until then I clean many paws and lots of bums.  Feeding much less wet food helps curbs the pudding poop problem.  The kittens some times miss the potty box which means the floor must be totally cleaned, in order that the kittens understand by smell that the floor is not the potty box. IF the floor and the potty box smells the same, the kittens may never learn to use the potty box properly, so it is imperative that the floors stay clean.  This is the reason NOT to buy a kitten from a cattery that well….smells like a potty box.

The Queens already have lots to do just sorting, feeding and some how finding time to eat, so I feel compelled to make as sure as possible all kittens are clean.  The Queens seem to really appreciate just having to dry the clean kittens.

Some felines like other felines.  Some felines prefer to be in a single cat dwelling.  Some males are very sociable and other females are very sociable.  It is not a gender quality but instead, the temperament of the individual feline.  Some felines will sit on you, others sit beside you.  Again this is a matter of individual temperament vs. gender.  So far I find that all Ragdolls like to hang out with you; the main difference is if they want to sit on you which is labeled being a “lap cat” or they like to sit beside you.

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