Adult Ragdolls

From time to time I have available adult Ragdolls for sale.

A contract stating that this precious adult Ragdoll will never be declawed is a must.  Declawing a feline would be similar to removing the finger to the first knuckle of each hand on a human in order to eliminate the need of trimming ones nails.  Ridiculous! This is cruel and anyone doing this should keep this fact in mind!

After seeing pictures, if you are interested in proceeding to see if you and the cat are a good match, I will bring her/him to your home to meet her/him for about an hour to visit.  I will then take her/him back home with me and allow you to think about if she/he is a good match for you and I will think about if you are a good fit for her/him.  If the combination is a match then you can come pick her/him up at my house Covington, TX 76636.

If you text (817) 781-2059 the following information:

  • # of pets you currently have inside
  • # of children or grandchildren that frequent your home daily
  • the age of the children or grandchildren in your home
  • # of hours you work away from home

I will be happy to  text you current pictures.