About Us

Ragdolls Totally Terrific is a very small online pet store, owned and operated by Nilda Tull, entrepreneur, businesswoman, wife, mother and healer. http://www.ntssm.com

ragdolls totally terrific

My intention is to sell healthy, well-adjusted Ragdolls to qualified cat guardians and have fun with it.

I find small business interesting. A cattery offers many challenges, home maintenance challenges, feline health challenges, interpersonal relationship challenges (feline and human), financial challenges, time challenges, logistical challenges, legislative challenges, technology challenges, challenges homing enough kittens that you can keep and breed kittens that were born at your cattery without having genetics too similar, knowing which kittens to keep and which ones to sell, understanding show quality vs. winning show quality, how to house a male that pees inside and outside the potty box and probably challenges of which I am still unaware; all of which interest me!

I am most blessed to have two wonderful mentors Dana Pendergraph of Blossom Ragdolls (pictured below: left Dana Pendergraph; right Nilda Tull)

and Dena Icks of DsRagdolls in Oklahoma.

I am also grateful to Denise Saunders of Regency Ragdolls for sharing her advise and years of experience as an International Cattery Proprietor.  The knowledge responsible breeders share cannot be purchased but rather is a benefit of developing professional relationships over time.  Special thanks goes to CJ and Stormi Nell of Family Time Rags for the many cattery tips and educations.

Please understand it is in your best interest to purchase your kittens from professionals who interact and share information with other responsible breeders regularly, usually at the show hall or are mentored by ones who do show. Why is it important to you that I have developed professional relationships with these well known cattery professions? Because through them, I have access to a tremendous wealth of information based on years and years of their success. When I put this compilation into practice, as they all do, I am better able to raise healthy, well-socialized kittens for you.

I sell healthy, properly socialized, well-adjusted Ragdolls to qualified cat guardians and have fun doing it.

(All individual and cattery names used with permission.)