Ragdoll Contract for Ragdolls Totally Terrific RTT
TODAY’S DATE: __________

Kitten Purchase Agreement            Nilda Tull

Pet Kitten

Birth Date:___________ Sex:_________ Sire:___________

Color/Pattern___________________ Dam:__________________

Under no circumstances is this Kitten/Cat allowed to roam outdoors or to be declawed.  Breeder guarantees the Kitten/Cat to be healthy at the time of purchase and delivery.  Buyer agrees to have kitten vet-checked at agreed time of 3rd kitten vaccination, which is three to four weeks after the 2nd kitten vaccination, (unless 3rdvaccination is already given in which case the buyer has 3 days after date of purchase to have kitten vet checked).  If it is found that there is a health question, Buyer has 48 hours after veterinary exam in which to ask for a Kitten/Cat replacement.  This request must accompany documentation from the veterinarian stating why the Kitten/Cat’s health is in question.

Kitten/Cat has a 2-year guarantee against lethal genetic or congenital defects with and with no FIP for same guarantee.  If the Kitten/Cat should die or have to be destroyed within these time limits, breeder will replace the Kitten/Cat, upon being provided an autopsy report and is not obligated to replace the exact color or pattern.  There will be no cash refunds.  Breeder will not be responsible for any shipping costs.  The autopsy report at the Buyer’s expense must be from a licensed veterinary pathologist stating unquestionably a genetic or congenital defect.

This kitten will have been dewormed and had 2 (two) of 3 (three) needed kitten shots, known as 3-way kitten FVRCP boosters, brand: Merial PureVax 3-way Modified Live.  Buyer will be responsible for the 3rd (third) and final Booster shot three to four weeks after the 2nd Booster was given.  This 3rd Booster should be given at the specified time from RTT and same brand is strongly suggested!  This 3rd vaccine booster is necessary for kitten’s best health and kitten is not guaranteed for good health without this 3rd vaccine.  A 4th Kitten Booster is also your option.  Please do then practice Annual Boosters for the length of the kitten/cat’s life.  We have found it promotes good health.

Breeder agrees to provide a complete record of all deworming and vaccinations for this Kitten/Cat.  Breeder will not be responsible for any adverse reactions to subsequent vaccines.  Breeder strongly recommends that only one vaccine be given per visit and not in combination with any other vaccination FOR THE LIFE OF THIS CAT. If Buyer chooses to inoculate for FIP or FeLV (Feline Leukemia), Breeder will not warrantee kitten, as your Ragdoll is an inside cat only, so we feel these vaccinations are too dangerous and not necessary.  Please wait to give Rabies vaccine until at least 4 months of age, or later!  Summary:  your kitten/cat needs only 2 vaccines, annually: 1) Merial PureVax 3-way Modified Live and 2) Rabies with 2 separate vet visits, about one month apart or longer.

Buyer will receive medical records and Litter TICA Registration Paper.  Buyer is responsible for TICA registry.

Breeder reserves the first right of refusal if cat is to be re-homed.

For best health of this kitten, it is highly recommended to feed only high quality cat foods.

If Buyer fails to comply with any aspect of this agreement, Buyer forfeits any rights Buyer may otherwise have.  Signature is full agreement.

Purchase Price: $__________Buyer:____________________

Address:____________ City:___________ State:______ Zip:_______



Nilda Tull, RagdollsTotallyTerrific   Date: ____________

Buyers Signature: ___________ Date:_______________

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