Breeders, if you are an established Ragdoll breeder, interested in receiving a whole kitten from Ragdolls Totally Terrific and meet the qualifications below:

  • 12 or more cat shows prior to sale,
  • being known to comply with all previous Ragdoll contracts,
  • being known to comply with any contract that impacts any Ragdoll and
  • allow my inspection of the cattery in which breeder will reside.

feel free to text me and inquire about show/breeder quality kittens.

Info for one contemplating Breeding:

“Breeders” refer to cats that have not been spayed or neutered and are kept “whole” in order to produce kittens.  It is very important for the ragdoll breeding community, that each person who is sold a breeder adheres to each contract as they promise.  Many contracts include stipulations as to how many litters a Queen may have each year and how many years any cat can be kept “whole” before retirement.

Other contracts stipulate that a whole kitten can only be sold with permission. “Permission” means that the original seller of either parent, must give permission before a kittens may be sold “whole”.


In other circumstances the potential buyer is required to show, once a month for at least a year prior to purchasing a whole kitten.   In every contract I know of, the parties agree that all kittens will be spayed or neuter prior to sale (with the exception of breeders).


Caring for many whole felines is quite an undertaking.  This could be why most “breeders” quit after three years.  Really, after three years, it is clear that one whole male and three whole females means that you will have to purchase all further breeders because you cannot keep any of your kittens for breeders because the genetics are too similar.  So you will be spending a bunch of money one way or the other.  You can keep purchasing cats, or you can improve the cattery and make more rooms, more cat trees, more toys, more grooming equipment.  It is very expensive to create an environment that is clean for the humans, not more work that one human can enjoy, comfortable for the felines and one that provides variety and entertainment for the felines and can compartmentalize cats that do not like each other or get sick and need to be quarantined.  Really it is just a very, very, very, big, huge undertaking with lots and lots of pitfalls, expenses, heartache and also many joys.

Breeding is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!!!!  I really love the cats and enjoy their company.  If I did not enjoy the actual cats, there would be no way I would continue.  I already hire weekend help to give me a break from the daily cleaning. If you are new and think that you may want to become a breeder…..Think about the following possibilities:

  • at five the girls usually need to retire.  Will you re home your beloved friend that you  were nurse made to, for all these years?  Will you re-home the girl that sleeps with you at night?  She is the only one that will not wake you up regularly and mostly, only sleeps at the foot of the bed; not your pillow.  Could you do that? Could you re-home her at age 5? Could you re-home your favorite cat?  What if you have 5 favorites?  Will you keep them all and still replace additional felines as breeders.
  • what about a special needs cat? Would you keep and rehab? Probably until it was clear that it was cruel and inhuman to keep the a cat in agony, after the feline just continues to decline.  Could you euthanize the feline.  Would you cry?  How long would you be sad?  Would you feel ashamed for not having the heart to euthanize prior to the cat being so bad off that everyone knew it was time to euthanize.  Would you make the cat suffer just so no one would blame you or question your judgement.  Was that fair to the sweet precious special needs feline?  It’s pretty rough actually.
  • what about still births?  No breeder I know, who has at least 5 years experience can say they have never had a kitten that died or was stillborn.  How would you properly bury the kitten?  Remember you’re pretty busy with the 8 newborn kittens.
  • is your spouse compliant or resistant to sharing their home with your felines.  It makes a difference.

Thank you for your interest in Breeding. I am not intentionally attempting to discourage you, rather I am telling you the truth and unless you have a substantial amount of time, interest and disposable income to invest and really really like felines, becoming a ragdoll breeder may be more than you bargained for.

RTT – Ragdolls Totally Terrific!  Thanks for shopping with us.