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Ragdolls Totally Terrific-RTT sells Healthy Ragdoll kittens in Texas near Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas & Waco for pets and show. Ragdoll cats and kittens are very kind, quiet and non-demanding. They enticingly get their way by being adorable, cuddly and careful to please to their guardians.  Ragdoll kittens and Ragdoll cats do not destroy your home or your things when properly trained, housed and provided for.

Ragdolls add beauty, warmth and attention to your life.  Start planning a place in your heart and home for your Ragdoll today!

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Text 817-781-2059 to receive the latest pictures and information.  When I have a kitten that seems to fit for you, we will speak more on the phone.

For helpful hints regarding what to look for when shopping, visit our Cattery Page.

Ragdoll Kittens


We are a member of the International Cat Association or TICA